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Парафиновая продукция из России

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Shagimuratov Zakir Zakievich
директор ООО
КС, ООО,  Челябинск, RU
на Флагма с 7 сентября 2016


We will help you to purchase in real volumes from the supplier, bypassing intermediaries, products like Paraffin oil match (HC) are widely used: as a binder in the production of fibreboard and laminates, woodworking (processing of wood ends) due to easy flammability and ability to impart wood hydrophobic properties - for manufacturing matches, also used in the manufacture of various of its: economic, decorative, street, ritual, "tea", church. delivery.
- for the manufacture of household chemicals, in particular, technical paraffin is used for the production of candles (mainly economic candles are produced from technical paraffin);
- for lubrication of abrasive units (hole calibration), for lubrication of rubbing wooden surfaces;
- for smelted models, for lubrication of forms in metallurgy;
- for woodworking in furniture production;
- for the production of technical creams (for shoes, technical lubricants).
Excellent value, help with export and shipping. Product Russian and high quality.

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КС, ООО,  Челябинск, RU
на Флагма с 7 сентября 2016

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