Multifilament polypropylene thread
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Multifilament polypropylene thread

1 400 $/тонна
Условия поставки: EXW Ашхабад
Юлдашева Галина Александровна
менеджер по экспорту
,  Ашхабад, TM
на Флагма с 13 мая 2019


The manufacturing company in Turkmenistan offers Multifilament polypropylene thread.

The universal high-strength multifilament yarn is made of polypropylene in the form of continuous finest fibers connected together by pneumatic adhesions. A single thread may include up to 200 individual dyed or unpainted fibers, the so-called filaments, as a
result of which the finished product receives various technological characteristics.

• High strength
• Low specific weight
• Stability to sudden temperature changes
• UV stabilized, resistant to light
• Neutral to acids, alkalis and other aggressive chemicals

The use of multifilament thread :
• used for manufacture polypropylene bags
• manufacture of polypropylene backpack tapes, ropes, sling, belts, cords, twine, woven
• tapes, braided nets
• fabric manufacturing
• for making big bags
• for making shoes, bags, suitcases

It is a widely used packaging material, especially in agrarian industry and agriculture.

Multifilament polypropylene yarns are packed in cartons of 4 bobbins. One bobbin contains 5 kg of thread.

Please fill you free to contact us in case of questions about the product.

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,  Ашхабад, TM
на Флагма с 13 мая 2019

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