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Sunflower pellets in big bags over 100 tons
Магнат-М, LLC, RU
Sale of sunflower husk pellets (agro pellets) from the manufacturer in big bags 900 kg. more than 100 tons. - During combustion does not emit...
Sell fuel pellets A2 (wood pellets) from the manufact
95/t FCA
Лигнум Энерджи, LLC, UA +2 ads
Selling Lignum Energy Ltd. produces pine pellets corresponding to A2. The test report is available on the website. Big-Bag 1100kg, the volume of...
Fuel pellets
85/t EXW
Деревообработка, LLC, RU
We produce Wood pellets. 8mm diameter Packing in bags of 15 kg, Big Bag. Discount price is possible if the volume of order more than 100 tonnes
Eco Wood pellets
Wholesale price
€130-140/t DDP
Baltic BioGran, SIA, LV
Manufactures and sells pellets of pure high - quality raw materials (wood, sawdust, pine, beech, oak) without additives and without bark. Our...
Pellets Class A1 ENplus
Price on request
Колбе Украина, LLC, UA +1 ad
Class A1 pellets (pellets) from pine 100% Diameter 6 mm Humidity 8% Ash content - less than 0.7% Higher combustion heat 4977 kcal / kg Packing 15...
Pellet di legno
118/t FCA  
Wholesale price
Шевченко Е.А., SP, BY
Pellet per caldaie (pellet di legno). Palline leggere, contenuto di ceneri 0,3%. I migliori prodotti di qualità! Utilizzato per caldaie...
6mm Wood Pellet for Export
Price on request
Wood pellet Diameter 6 -8mm Density >1100kg/m3 Moisture content 6% Ash content 0,48% Sulfur content <0.01 Caloric value 4342- 5016...
Pellet di legno
Price on request
Signore e Signori! Azienda di produzione e commercio «Wood Royal» offerte alla tua attenzione carburante biologico di alta qualità – pellet dagli...
Price on request
Био-Юник, LLC, UA
"Bio-Unique" Ltd the Ukrainian company dealing with biofuel market and building relationships with foreign partners on its sale: 1. Sunflower...
Best mycorrhizal preparations from Austria
Price on request
Ellita Exim, DE, DE
Ozenum, Vienna, Austria is the only manufacturer of powder endo, ecto, and ericoid mycorrhizal preparations in Europe. Scientists of the company...
Stretch film from 10μm to 35μm any size
3/kg FCA  
Wholesale price
Далан-Партнер, LLC, BY
We produce any polymer film: Stretch film, Prestretch film, Corliss film, Shrink film, Film for greenhouses, Films of technical designation, Food...
Price on request
Орлова И.И., SP, RU
Buon giorno! Vendiamo legno (per la produzione di pellets di pino e abete rosso), e anche orlato bordo della regione di Sverdlovsk, Russia. Consegna
Pellet di buccia di girasole (grande corsa 1 tonnellata))
СПТ Сервис, LLC, RU +1 ad
Che cosa sono i pellet di combustibile I pellet sono elementi pressati costituiti da scarti di legno: trucioli di legno, segatura. L'intero...
Пеллеты древесные 6-8мм. Producer sells wood pellets 6-8mm
130/t FCA  
Wholesale price
Экологические ресурсы, LLC, UA
National manufacturer of ecological fuel (Kiev region) offers for sale pellets made on the modern equipment, in compliance with certified quality...
Pellet from sunflower.
Wholesale price
from €65/t FCA
Михайловская, SP, BY
Good day! Sell pellets from sunflower is of great quality! Thanks to excellent performance pellets are well suited for industrial purposes and for...
Pellet ENplus A1 (bianco) (grande corsa 1 tonnellata)
СПТ Сервис, LLC, RU +1 ad
Che cosa sono i pellet di combustibile I pellet sono elementi pressati costituiti da scarti di legno: trucioli di legno, segatura. L'intero...
Pellet's and RUF, Сharcoal
Wholesale price
€88-103/t FCA
Континент, LLC, RU +1 ad
Являемся производителем и экспортером древесных гранул (Пеллет), Брикетов (тип RUF) Пеллеты класса А1 из хвойных пород дерева (Сосна, Ель,...
Продам древесные пеллеты (wood pellets) от производителя
105/t FCA
Лигнум Энерджи, LLC, UA +2 ads
Пеллеты от производителя (сосна). Упакованы в прозрачные пластиковые мешки по 15кг, без логотипа. Производство расположено в 45км от города...
Продам древесные пеллеты А2 (wood pellets) от производителя
95/t FCA
Лигнум Энерджи, LLC, UA +2 ads
ООО Лигнум Энерджи производит пеллеты из сосны, соответствующие А2. С протоколом испытаний можно ознакомиться на сайте. Биг-бег 1100кг, объем 200т...
We sell firewood of natural moisture and dry.
Price on request
Algromeda, UAB, LT
Firewood of natural moisture: hornbeam, ash, oak, maple, elm, birch, alder, aspen, needles (pine, spruce). Firewood technical drying (humidity up...
Продаём дрова колотые, лучину для розжига, пеллеты, брикеты.
Price on request
Algmeda, CJSC, BY
Продаём дрова колотые на экспорт: граб, ясень, дуб, клён, вяз, берёза, ольха, осина, хвоя (сосна, ель). Работаем на условиях FCA-Беларусь....
RUF брикет
120/t FCA  
Wholesale price
Геон Ривер, LLC, UA
The company "Geon River" produces fuel pellets of RUF from pine. Production and warehouse are located in the city of Chernigov. Production...
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