Calibrated , confectionery sunflower seed are sold

Calibrated , confectionery sunflower seed are sold

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Ковалёва Алёна, менеджер
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Calibrated , confectionery sunflower seed are sold - a grade of SPK and Dobrynya.
Nature 350
3.8+ (content 4.5 is from 40% and higher)
Price $ 1000 per 1 ton on FCA terms
Продам семечку кондитерскую калиброванную - сорт СПК и Добрыня.
Натура 350
3,8+ (содержание 4,5 от 40% и выше)
Цена 1000 $ за тонну на условиях FCA

Posted: 5 October 2018, 11:40
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